This is the premier program offered by The Turf & Iron Athlete. This program is geared towards developing athletes and maximizing the performance in sports.

Youth & Middle School Athletes - Developmental 

Parents this program is perfect for your child, if you have concerns about the safety of your child on the field this will prepare your child for the rigors of sports at the youth and middle school levels.

Develop movement patterns that may be lagging behind due to lack of physical education in schools and the overwhelming lack of physical activity among our countries youth.

Specialize in injury prevention and building a solid foundation for future sports participation.

Freshman, High School, College bound athletes - Competitive

High school athletes looking to maximize there performance in their given sport. Program aimed at injury prevention, strength and conditioning, speed and agility training. Athletes looking to elevate their level of play in the hopes of playing at the next level, already going to the next level do not show up to camp unprepared. 

College Athletes - Advanced

Program geared to the college athlete gearing up for pro day, red shirt athlete looking to maximize technique and ability in order to make the active roster. Athletes home for the summer looking for a coaches eye or specialized program geared at attacking the athletes weak points. Not a cookie cutter program developed by assistant collegiate strength and conditioning programs with minimal regard for your personalized needs.